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Since you’re going to see a movie about the young Han Solo – not a boy or teen, though, a young man, a little younger than Harrison Ford in A New Hope – you generate some expectations. You’d like to see him do that Kessel Run in under however many parsecs. You want to see […]

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Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling join CJ Johnson on Watch This to discuss the making of their sensational new film ‘Cargo’ starring Martin Freeman, which launches in cinemas on 17 May and Netflix on 18 May 2018.  

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Simon Smart joins CJ Johnson on Watch This to discuss the making of the new documentary For The Love Of God, which confronts the worst that Christians have done and traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus.  

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Loveless, the new film from Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev, is a masterpiece, a brutal, uncompromising, stunningly well crafted and extraordinarily observant depiction of modern life, relationships, parenting, and society. At every turn it is revealing and stunningly precise about the human condition. It offers the viewer a chance not only to reflect on their own […]

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Operation Odessa is as rollicking a documentary about heavy criminals as you get. Its trio of subjects, Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg, Juan Almeida and Nelson “Tony” Yester, are enormously entertaining and frequently very funny as they tell their remarkable story, which sounds, literally, like the set-up to a joke: A Russian strip-club owner, a black market car […]

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Wes Anderson loves dogs. His new film is called Isle of Dogs, geddit? And in it, he imbues a motley crew of misfit mutts with all the profundity, oddness and humanity he has given to such rich characters as Max from Rushmore, Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic, Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel and, perhaps with most relevance here, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Like […]

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There are a few movies by Steven Spielberg I’ve missed – The Big Friendly Giant, Always – but, generally, I see them all. He’s (beyond) dependable; he knows, maybe more than anyone alive, the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. When you go to a Steven Spielberg film, you’re guaranteed to get a professional product. It […]

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I was seriously sceptical about Mary Magdalene; I was bemused and confused as to why Garth Davis should choose it as his ‘blank check’ movie following his incredible debut with Lion; I’m not a follower of Christ; and the poster was less than inspiring. I worried – call me cynical – that Davis was either […]

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The new Netflix original documentary Take Your Pills examines the use, abuse, history, effect and impact of the prescription drug Adderall in the United States. Intriguingly, for those outside the US, it also, perhaps completely unintentionally, presents as a documentary about competition in the American education system. It’s out of control, an epidemic, and it […]

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Armando Iannucci created three of the funniest television sitcoms of all time: I’m Alan Partridge, The Thick of It and Veep (which has one season to go, but whose reins he has let go). He is a master political satirist and my favourite screenwriter. The Death of Stalin, his first feature film as a director, […]