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That Gaming Show-Episode 5

Streamed live from Tribal Live at Fox Studios Australia your favourite game show hosts, Beau, Milky Pixel and Dr Jack look at what is Mario going to do for a crust now that Nintendo have banned him from plumbing? The League of Legends Oceanic Pro-League – how quickly are things set to grow in Australia […]

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Invert Aim-Episode 8

Join Ryan, Brendan and Chloe as they take a sneak peak at the impending Skyrim Survival Mode release, discuss Jeff Kaplan’s comments about the demands online communities place on developers and Riot Games – did they over react or do the right thing when they fired the staff member who made toxic comments about Twitch […]

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Invert Aim-Episode 7

343 Studios v’s MultiLockOn – did Microsoft make the right decision in sacking him?  The Atari Box – a genuine comeback by Atari or a nostalgic flash-in-the-pan?  Pewdie Pie v’s Fire Watch – the Bro Army strikes back!!! Join ChinglishTV, Feisty Cuffs and Brendan as they look at these and more breaking stories from the world […]

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Rocket League Universal Open

Beau explains to co-hosts Jackson and Milky why he feels Rocket League, which secured sponsored from NBC for the Universal Open, could legitimately be the first esports to ‘cross over’ and become mainstream.  

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio

Jackson, Beau and Milky Pixel review the new X Box One X Project Scorpio and see if it lives up to all the hype.

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Invert Aim-Episode 6

In Episode 6 Chinglish TV declares war on ASMR streamers, Feisty Cuffs talks cross console wars and asks will Sony and Microsoft ever play nice and lastly Brendan mourns the passing of Flappy Birds.  

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That Gaming Show-Episode 4

Join Jackson, Beau and Milky Pixel in Episode 4 where we discuss X Box Australia / Playstation Australia cross play, Ark:Survival Evolved’s domesticated dinosaur disaster and Game Of Thrones: The Video Game. 

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Invert Aim-Episode 5

Join @ChinglistTV, @FeistyCuffs and @Brendanatebit as they take a look at “Battle Royales” – are they a fad or here to stay? Pewdie Pie drops the ‘N Bomb’ – how long until he offends someone else and Esports – how young is too young to start earning the big bucks?

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Invert Aim-Episode 4

Join @ChinglishTV, @FeistyCuffs and @Brendanatebit as they discuss the worlds love affair with highest selling game of 2017, Player Unknown’s Battleground’s, Blizzard Entertainment’s decision to launch an eSport centre in LA and simulator games – why are we addicted to them?  

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No Man’s Sky Update

Join Jackson, Milky Pixel and Beau as they run the latest No Man’s Sky under the microscope and discuss to what extent audiences can influence game updates.