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Ryan, Brendan and Chloe debate the secrets to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds incredible success in 2017 and discuss what will be next for the game, which took the world by storm in 2017.   

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Brendan, Feisty Cuffs and Chinglish TV look at whether Twitch’s expansion into IRL justifies ASMR streaming on Twitch, before Chinglish TV unloads and declares ASMR streamers should get the @#$% off Twitch.  

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Beau Ushay sits down with Lori Flekser, Executive Director of Creative Content Australia, and Joab Gilroy, eSports Editor at Red Bull Australia to review the results of Creative Content Australia’s latest research into the state of piracy in Australia and discuss why film and television titles are pirated more than gaming titles. 

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Join Jackson Ryan and Beau Ryan as they discuss video game development – how much do video games really cost to make?  Movie adaptations of video games – do they ever really work? CODumentary – how Call Of Duty rose to fame?

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Join Chloe and Brendan as the review The Game Awards 2017 nominees, take a look at the team rumoured to behind the new Hulu TV series, ‘Hitman’, and question whether Twitch has double standards when it comes to the ‘sin bin’ time it hands out to different streamers.

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Join Chloe and Brendan as they look at eSports – could it really become an Olympic sport? PAX Australia – is it ‘Disneyland’ for gamers and Razer’s new smartphone for gamers – how big will the impact be on mobile gaming?

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Invert Aim – Episode 9

Doom and Cuphead – did Games Media fail as bad as everyone alleges when it came to testing the Doom and Cuphead?  Seasonal gaming – was Blizzard’s Overwatch Halloween special a blatant cash grab? Cuphead – did new release from Studio MDHR live up to the hype?  

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Jeremy Ray aka ‘Junglist’ joins Beau Ushay on Episode 6 to discuss investment in Australian eSports, what’s going on with Mario’s #DadBod and video games – are the becoming too addictive?

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That Gaming Show-Episode 5

Streamed live from Tribal Live at Fox Studios Australia your favourite game show hosts, Beau, Milky Pixel and Dr Jack look at what is Mario going to do for a crust now that Nintendo have banned him from plumbing? The League of Legends Oceanic Pro-League – how quickly are things set to grow in Australia […]

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Invert Aim – Episode 8

Join Ryan, Brendan and Chloe as they take a sneak peak at the impending Skyrim Survival Mode release, discuss Jeff Kaplan’s comments about the demands online communities place on developers and Riot Games – did they over react or do the right thing when they fired the staff member who made toxic comments about Twitch […]