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Al Baxter and Tom Carter join Iain Byrne ahead of the Bledisloe Cup to explain why they believe this is the year the Wallabies can win the Bledisloe Cup.

unfilt_40-headpic 14:17

In light of Manly’s horrific season, which has some calling for Manly to relocate former North Sydney Bears President Mike Gibbons sits down with Iain Byrne to discuss startling new revelations about the how the North Sydney Bears were really removed from the NRL the secrets that will be revealed in the upcoming documentary.

unfilt_41-1-headpic 25:07

Al Baxter and Tom Carter join Iain Byrne to reflect on the performance of Australia’s Super Rugby teams in 2018 and share their opinion on where our teams are at in comparison to the rest of the world.

4907834187001_5818860455001_5818809666001-vs 07:10

Andy Ryan and Kiki Stewart join Iain Byrne on Unfiltered to discuss the latest ex-players inducted into the Immortals and debate who the next Immortal be. 

unfilt_38-2-headpic 11:04

Willie Mason joins The Spook and Iain Byrne to discuss whether the highly structured and predictably style of play, which the NRL is now accustomed to will ultimately do more damage to the game than the referees ever could.  

unfilt_38-1-headpic 09:15

Usually vocal and angry, Willie Mason expresses his sadness and frustration to The Spook and Iain Byrne at what he is witnessing happening to the NRL after what appears to be a never ending series of referring errors.  

4907834187001_5811503789001_5811499095001-vs 05:33

Willie Mason discusses the comments made by Sam Burgess that Souths are stronger this year compared to 2014 and explains why he believes the Bunnies do have the cattle to win the NRL Premiership in 2018. 

unfilt_37-2-headpic 07:01

After a weekend of the worst referring decisions in the history of the NRL, Willie Mason reveals NRL players are even more pissed off than fans with referees and secretly want the NRL Bunker scrapped.    

unfilt_37-1-headpic 08:13

Willie Mason compares the punishment handed down to Mitchell Pearce and Matt Lodge to that given to Jack Wighton and explains why he believes the NRL is using Jack Wighton as PR mop.

unfilt_37-setof6-headpic 05:20

Join Iain Byrne as he throws six quick curve balls at Willie Mason from the week that was in sport.