All Our Exes Live In Texas, “When We Fall”, Review

March 9, 2017 8:26 am
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All Our Exes Live In Texas.

“When We Fall”

Don’t be fooled by the delicious harmonies created by Sydney folk four-piece All Our Exes Live In Texas.

Granted, these four women can write a melody that would make Burt Bacharach ooh and ahh with joy but, unlike old Burty’s tunes, these saccharine songs are tempered by a dark humour.

They’ll literally cut their hearts out to evade future heartbreak, the song is called I’m Gonna Get My Heart Cut Out so I guess the clue is in the name.

They also show with a squeeze of the accordion or some well-placed bars of choral-harmony, getting your heart cut out isn’t just bloody, it’s also bloody sad.

Possibly the best thing about Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney, (well, aside from that excellent band name) is that they’ll stick you with some home truths in the sweetest way possible.

This crowd funded album of original folk melodies and clever lyrics comes after three years of the band’s time, spent mastering their instruments, which are as varied as they are, with accordion, ukulele, mandolin and guitar all in their arsenal.

They know how to write a catchy song. Their track Tell Me would not leave my head for the whole week.  

They also take it in turn to sing the lead so each song is a surprise, changing from husky to sweet to acerbic, giving the impression that anything is possible, but with great vocal skill and strong pop sensibilities.

These ladies might murder you, but they’ll do it in perfect harmony and with a smile while they wipe the blade clean.

 4 stars

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