Role Play Goes Wrong

Nick and Sach take a look at the story of a Catholic primary school in Sydney that decided it would be a good idea to teach their Year 3 students about the stolen generation by getting a nun to read a letter from the “Prime Minister”, which explained they were being taken away from their […]


Join Nick and Sach as they put their spin on the story of Tara Seymour, the Victorian nurse who fronted a tribunal recently and explained that the reason she tested positive to cocaine was because she had engaged in sex with a heavy drug user who also happened to sweat profusely.   At the Tribunal […]


Sera Mirzabegian, Troy Henderson and Joe Collins look at Pauline Hanson’s comments on autistic children and debate whether she has taken offensive to a new level or is this just ‘par-for-the-course’ for her.    


Join some of Australia’s brightest legal and economic minds as they do their best to make sense of Mattel’s landmark decision to release 15 new versions of the iconic Ken Doll.


Sit back, put your feet and have a good laugh as Nick Alexander and Sach Mirzabegiaan put their hilarious spin on Bachar getting booed, Catholic schools using method acting to teach kids about the stolen generation and good old Tara Seymour who innocently and allegedly failed a drug tests at work because the random she […]


Troy Henderson and Joe Collins from the University of Sydney join The Third Rail and respond to Philip Lowe’s comments that workers shouldn’t be concerned with job security and should be focused on demanding higher wages instead.


Join Sera and Nick as they take a look the brew ha ha, which erupted after Laurie Oakes leaked a video from Parliament House’s annual Midwinter Ball where Malcolm Turnbull parodies Trump about ‘fakes news’ and his pal the ‘Russian guy’.  


Given the bipartisan support, which exists for the Coalitions stance on offshore processing and detention of asylum seekers, is Dutton right in alleging ‘Labour imposed this cost on Australia’ after the Federal Government recently agreed to pay Manus Island detainees $70M in what is the largest human rights settlement in Australian history.  


Troy Henderson and Joe Collins join Sera Mirzabegian on The Third Rail and talk Pauline Hanson – should Australians be grateful that our most prominent right wing populist is incompetent?  Karen Handel – does the success of the Republican candidate in the Atlanta bi-election suggest Trump may in fact emerge unscathed from the Russia investigations? […]


Jade eggs, saline drips, scented oxygen tanks, coloured rocks for your boobs and cancer fighting frog venom.   In this segment from Episode 19 of The Third Rail Sera and Nick take a look at Goop’s sold out Inaugural Health and Wellness submit and discuss whether jade eggs are the gift for the girl who […]