Ainslie Wills performs ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ and ’Society’ before talking to Bernard Zuel about the influence of Jeff Buckley and Patti Smith on her sound, why she writes in so many different styles, and how she finally found peace in accepting who she is.


Clare Bowditch performs ‘Woman’ and ‘I Thought You Were God’ before talking to Rod Yates about pre-show nerves, silencing her inner critic, the inspiration behind ‘Woman’ and when we’ll hear her long-awaited new album…


Carl The Bartender joins Melanie Dyer for an incredibly intimate and deeply personal interview to discuss his time in Good Corn Liquor, the impact the bands tragic accident had on him professionally and personally and what it felt like to work with some of the boys again on his debut album, Carousel Keepsakes.  


Sara Storer plays ‘Hayrunner’ and ‘Every Boy Needs A Bike’ before chatting to Bernard Zuel about her new album, Raindance, working with Colin Hay, the darkness in her music and what her dream piece of merchandise would be.


Garrett Kato plays ‘River Mouth’ and ‘Where The Vampires Hide’ and talks to Rod Yates about moving from Canada to Byron Bay, the famous faces he’s busked in front of, and what he’s learned from producing artists like Ziggy Alberts and Kyle Lionhart.


Carl The Bartender plays Miss Eniline live on Australia’s favourite country music show, Live On The Lot.


Meg Mac plays ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ and ’Something Tells Me’ from her mini-album Hope, and talks to Rod Yates about why she decided to make a mini-album, how a portrait of a woman inspired the title track, and how the messages she received after releasing ‘Give Me My Name Back’ affected her.


Carl Bartender dials in a haunting live version of Highway On The Highway on Australia’s favourite country music show, Live On The Lot.


Rebecca and Megan Lovell – AKA Larkin Poe – perform ‘Preachin’ Blues’ before chatting with Bernard Zuel about being home-schooled, their love of the blues, what they think of being called ’The Allman Brothers’ little sisters’, and their incredible family history.


Marriage, kids, mentoring musicians, working in television and radio; is there anything Felicity Urquhart can’t do?  Join Melanie Dyer as she sits down with Felicity Urquhart to talk about the making of her brilliant new album Frozen Rabbit and so much more on Live On The Lot.