trn_lewiscapaldi-headpic 20:28

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi performs ‘Tough’ and ‘Bruises’ before chatting to Rod Yates about his fear of spiders, doing shoeys, using fake IDs to play gigs and working with producer Malay.

trn_catherinebritt-metmymatch-headpic 03:08

Catherine Britt sings the haunting ballad ‘Met My Match’ off her brilliant new album Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts.

trn_catherinebritt-reddirt-headpic 02:45

Australian country music superstar Catherine Britt dials in a stripped back version of Red Dirt; the first single off her new album ‘Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts’ on Live On The Lot.

trn_thebamboos-headpic 18:49

The Bamboos perform stripped-back versions of ‘Golden Ticket’ and ‘Stranded’ before Lance Ferguson sits down with Rod Yates to discuss the band’s new album, Night Time People, working with legendary producer Bob Clearmountain, supporting Robbie Williams and more.

lotl_catherinebritt-iv-headpic 13:53

Catherine Britt talks to Melanie Dyer about making her new album ‘Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts’ when she was heavily pregnant, why she was adamant the album had to be recorded using full band takes and how her breast cancer experience had a positive impact on the woman she is today.  

pnau-iv-headpic 27:40

Nick Littlemore sits down with Neil Griffiths to discuss why he’s fallen in love with Kira Divine’s sound, what it’s like playing a gig without lights and why he loves drinking beer in Japan.   

trn_harrisonstorm-headpic 15:37

Melbourne singer-songwriter Harrison Storm performs two songs and talks to Danielle McGrane about busking, songwriting in Nashville, working with Dustin Tebbutt and having a rock star’s name.

trn_jackcarty-headpic 15:46

Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner perform two songs off their album ‘Hospital Hill’ and talk to Danielle McGrane about how they came to work together, the logistics of living on opposite sides of the planet, and why they owe it all to a chance meeting in an elevator.

trn_joshuahedley-headpic 25:25

Nashville’s Joshua Hedley performs and chats to Bernard Zuel about why heartbreak is better than happiness, how he made the transition from sideman to frontman and the role Australia played in the move, and why he’ll always drop whatever he’s doing to play at the Grand Ole Opry.

tp_14-headpic 13:17

Your ANZ esports wrap for the week including Tainted Minds in London, Aussies at the CyberGamer Premier League, OPL and the Rainbow Six Pro League.